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Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the home. Whether you’re focusing on function or relaxation, we are ready to help you find the perfect solution.

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There are a lot of residential bathroom designs that you can come up with and have a plan ready. Then a reliable remodeling company can make it happen for you and your family. You may not know the first thing about what to do in a bathroom remodel and that’s okay. Luckily, there are many bathroom remodeling companies in Sacramento ready to assist.A few bathroom remodel services include fixtures, conversions, installations, and tile. Some of the topics to discuss with your consultant are fixtures, conversions, installations, and tile.
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A few bathroom remodel services

  • Fixtures: You can have fixtures replaced if you don’t like what you currently have or if they are falling apart. Some fixtures you may want to consider replacing are new faucets for your bathtub or bathroom sink or even a showerhead. Other fixtures may include a new flusher for your toilet. Those may not be too difficult for the contractor to install depending on the size and the placement of the fixture. These can be replaced easily so you don’t have to spend the extra money taking everything out if you are on a tight budget.
  • Conversions: If you have a bathroom that only has a shower or just a bathtub, you can plan on getting a conversion to transform the bathtub to a shower or vice versa.
  • Installations: If you have a guest bathroom, you may want the contractor to install a shower as well to make it a more functional bathroom for your guests. You may also want to completely remove a sink or a toilet, and they can install a brand new one for you.
  • Tile: Tile is very popular, you can find tile coverings on almost any home. If you have tiles that are missing or that just need to be repaired. You may want to have a completely different type of covering. If that is the case, then the contractor would need to knock out the whole wall of tile and drywall to replace it with the one that sparks your interest.
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    First of all, both aesthetics and functionality are key factors in how the women in the house view their bathroom. And make no mistake about it, outside of the kitchen, the master bath is considered the most important room in your house.

    And above and beyond that, ask any realtor and they will tell you that an inviting bathroom is one of the keys to selling a house.

    And a bathroom model can be eminently practical. Just a few minor changes can make a world of difference in your home. So don't think you need to spend tons of money to get a very great benefit.

    So what are the most practical reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling?

    • A minor remodel can bring in big benefits.

      Compared to buying all-new fixtures, and new bathroom furniture, a minor remodel can be just what you need without the hassle.

    • Remodeling is infinitely faster than a complete bathroom renovation.

    • You'll actually save money on a remodel because you do not need to spend money on new furnishings.

    • Expanded use of your bathroom.

      Did you know that up to 50 percent of many bathrooms are simply wasted space? It's true. Many older bathrooms, in particular, were never designed with efficiency in mind, and with our help, together with a few life hacks, you'll be amazed at how larger your bathroom may seem.

    • Multi-uses.

      With the right remodeling, you may have room for an added bathtub, or even make use of the added space for things such as a washing machine.

    We at Pro Construction Solution find this is the initial key question, and we admit at first it can be overwhelming. That's why we've come up with a checklist of things to consider.

    • Ask yourself what is the main purpose of your remodel?

      Do you just need a bathroom with more space? Or are you sick of the look of your old bathroom and want a fresh start?

    • What style do your want your bathroom to be?

      Vintage? Minamilistic, or Modern. This is very important for your satisfaction.

    • What kind of budget do you have to work with.

      Sadly, your budget is important and will help determine if this is a DIY project, or you will hire a professional like Pro Construction Solution.

    • How do you imagine the final results?

      For help you might want to peruse several online decorating websites to get idea.

    All these questions will help you zero in on the ideal bathroom for your home.

    • Decide if you want to keep the same general layout or you want to change it up.

      This will give you an overall scope of your plan, and a general idea of the costs.

    • Decide if you want to replace the tub, or install a walk-in shower.

      Chances are your old tube is outdated, so this is something you'll probably want to change, either with a new tub or if you are getting older, perhaps a walk-in shower.

    • Decide on your general budget.

      We realize this is often difficult, but we have consultants ready to work with even the most modest budget. Many are surprised that our costs at Pro Construction Solutions are less than they imagined.

      And keep in mind that you don't need to have it all figured out. We have been doing this for years, and have helped hundreds of homeowners just like yourself who are a little unsure of all the steps involved, but in the end, are thoroughly satisfied.

    Everyone, of course, wants to know how much a bathroom remodeling will cost.

    The national average is around $10,756 according to Bob Villa from This Old House. But a minor remodel can be obtained for as low as $2,500, while at the upper end, around $25,00 or more.

    But it depends on the location. In Sacramento, the expense will be a little higher, while in Little Rock Arkansaw, expect to pay less.

    It's very popular for people to do DIY, and if you have the tools, the experience, and the patience, more power to you to tackle your own remodel.

    However, if you don't have the proper tools or the experience, and for most people, the time, hiring a professional like Pro Construction Solutions will save you both money and tearing out your hair in the process.

    Ask yourself, do you really want to tackle all this yourself? Most people, when they look at it seriously, will answer no, I'd rather leave it to the pros.

    A full bathroom remodel in Sacramento will take some time, but it can be done. The remodeling company can give you a great estimate before your renovation project has even been started just to make sure you are completely happy. Being prepared with a plan of what you need can certainly help move things along. Your plan may include new fixtures, a conversion or two, any installations, or the tile. You also have to decide on the number of bathrooms you would like for the contractor to complete for you. Small, new, and old bathrooms can be remodeled to make them look extravagant.

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