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Bathroom remodel in North Natomas


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, and it is one of the first places that people consider when looking to redecorate or remodel their home. Pro Construction Solution is a reputable company that offers these remodeling services to home owners.

Installations are when you need something new installed in your existing bath. Some of these installations include new tubs, showers, lightings, cabinets, and flooring. For every installation, you can choose from several options to create the bathroom of your dreams. Some of the options you could consider for your bathroom tub are porcelain fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic.

You can also choose from the different shower types ranging from glass to metal. For instance, if you want a more elegant look, you can go with the glass wall shower.



Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular services we offer. This means replacing an old, damaged, or structurally deficient bathroom into something brand new with modern decor and fixtures. With these types of home improvements, you can be assured that you will get only the best quality service and materials at affordable prices.

There are various styles and ideas to choose from when doing a bathroom remodel. It is important to consider the bathroom’s layout and how it will function. The layout can be either a master bath style or a spa type. The space can be dedicated to bathing alone or both bathing and relaxing.

There are also various options to choose from when organizing or planning your new bathroom layout. You can pick from a fixed sink and vanity or a wall mount. The toilet can be either an elongated one or the standard round one. You could also decide on a tub or shower in your remodeled bathroom.

A full bathroom remodel is also available. For this, the contractor will replace all of the damaged or malfunctioning parts and fixtures in your bathroom and replace them with other brand new ones.

Bathroom Tiling

Tiling is a relatively new bar-code for the bathroom. It is not difficult to measure and color code each tile so that the tiles installed will match the pattern and color of the existing ones. We can also guarantee that no tiles will miss.

The most recommended tiles for such works are porcelain and ceramic. This is because of their durability and great aesthetic features.


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