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Addition Remodeling

Love your home but feeling a little cramped? Our team will help you go through the process of addition approval, design, and construction to expand your living space.

About home addition design

In your mind, a home addition design could mean adding value to your home when you move or you may want to extend a room, the bathroom, or the kitchen for your own liking. You can even make a new addition to the house if you prefer, such as adding another story. There are lots of additions you can consider to make your home seem bigger and cozier.

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Additions for the comfort of your home

  • Bedroom: If you have children, you may want to extend their bedroom as they grow to make it a suitable living environment for your growing child. Some rooms in your home may be too small for your liking so you may want home addition builders to accomplish that task for you. Adding bedrooms to your home has the biggest return on investment over all other types.
  • An extra floor: Adding a second floor or adding a basement will take a very long time, and a contractor will have to take a look at your house to make sure it will be possible before it can be done. This is great if you work at home and need a small office suite or to add a playroom for your children.
  • Breakfast nook: If your kitchen is too small, you may not be able to eat in it. You could either expand your kitchen and make it bigger or another option is to add a breakfast nook in the room closest to your kitchen. A breakfast nook does not have to be elaborate or fancy. It just needs a table and a few chairs. Adding bar stools is another great way to add more space so you can fit all members of your family. It will also make your family or living room seem much nicer.
  • Patio: A patio can be a very important part of your house. It should be for relaxation purposes and to watch your children play in the backyard. Screened in patios are perfect to sit outside and watch the rain during the rainy season. With a patio, you would also need decking.

A home remodeling contractor in Sacramento will leave your home looking better than anything you could have ever expected. You have to expect a new expansion to take a while so it’s important to plan these things out. Be sure to get the cost of what a local, residential home expansion will be upfront so you can decide whether or not to add or remove parts of your plan. Whichever company you choose will serve you to make sure you are happy with the renovation.

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