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Custom Homes

A custom home is a great way to get everything you want and make a smart investment. Our experienced staff know the ins and outs of the new build process.

What you need for a dream home

Sometimes renovating an existing home is not the most cost-effective way to own your dream home in your dream location. A custom home is a great way to get everything you want in your space, and it can also be a smart investment.

The experienced staff at Pro Construction Solution Inc. know the ins and outs of the new build process, including:

  • Building codes and permitting
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC expertise
  • Safe and smart floor planning
  • Home efficiency
  • Privacy and soundproofing
  • And much more

The PCS team will even work with the city and utility companies to ensure your build goes smoothly and your home is move-in ready at the end of the job. Every home receives a detailed inspection upon completion to ensure that it is safe and ready for our clients. We pride ourselves on making sure every job is as hassle-free for our clients as possible. Let us do the hard work so you can enjoy your home!

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Our advantages

In-home building, we know that timelines, quality, and budget are three things that matter the most to every client. Our homes and properties are often some of the largest investments that we make. In our more than twenty years of operation in the Sacramento area, we have learned how to give some of the most accurate estimations for project length and expense, and we put in the time to make sure every home build goes smoothly.

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    We know that building a custom home needs to involve a high level of communication with our clients. For every custom home we work on, a team of employees will work with our clients to ensure that their vision is always honored. Our homeowners are part of our team and can take part in every decision along the way – or we can save our clients stress and hassle by using our expertise to make the best decisions for you on matters that you decide. Either way, Pro Construction ensures that our clients are happy before finishing work with a client.

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