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How To Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget


Sacramento homeowners desiring to upgrade their kitchen find one main challenge. That challenge is being cost-effective. Adhering to a budget can be difficult; especially when you want to modernize. Fortunately, there are cheap kitchen remodeling ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg.
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Consider Your Type of Job

As a DIY renovator, you have to determine what type of job the kitchen will need. Are you renovating an old kitchen? If so, you will need to decide which sections should be taken care of first. Decide what areas are considered the most important. If the project is large, you will want to schedule and take care of one section at a time.

Small kitchens tend to be a challenge because of the limited space. One popular way to redo them is to use lighter colors when painting. This method makes the kitchen appear wider and more spacious.

If you are after the vintage look, consider second-hand devices as part of the decor. You may also want to consider stainless steel sinks.

Choose Your Painting Colors and Styles

Cheap kitchen renovation includes knowing the best paint color and style choice. You will first want to consider the type of paint to purchase. Oil and latex based paints, for example, are more expensive than acrylic. Semi-gloss may look better than high-gloss paint or vice-versa. When saving money, that type of paint you use is important.

Your colors should be decided beforehand. This may take some research such as comparing samples and getting advice. The best options for kitchens, however, tend to be the creamy tones and various shades of white.

When it comes time to paint, be sure to prepare the area well. All materials and equipment should be nearby and all necessary surfaces covered. If sandpapering and use of putty is needed, you will want to complete all this before applying paint. Good preparation ensures that no money is wasted on issues like paint spills and unnecessary redos.

Cabinets and Light Fixtures

Renovating cabinets and fixtures can be the costliest part of the DIY process. One way of reducing your costs is deciding on the lighting before getting started. Many Sacramento homeowners are choosing to add extra lighting under their cabinets. These light the kitchen worktops below and, as such, reduce the need for overhead lighting.

For the cabinets themselves, the most popular option is re-painting. Most cabinets, do not need to be replaced. When replacing is needed, it is often parts like hinges, doors and knobs that need the upgrade.

The Worktops and Floors

Speaking of worktops, they are much like the cabinets. It pays to know what should and should not be replaced. One good style option is peel and stick tile. If this options is chosen, it should match your kitchen cabinet decor. Other options are laminate, engineered quarts and composite materials. They are budget friendly, reliable, and look no worse than the expensive alternatives.

Decision making regarding flooring is a simple one. It is all about foot traffic. Most DIY renovators choose vinyl or parquet. They are multi-functional and heavy duty. They are also easy to clean. Most spills and dirt can be picked up with little trouble.

Final Touches

Keep in mind the ‘less is more’ ideology when renovating a kitchen. Such a mindset can be a great asset to your budget as you consider various creative ways to redo that area of your home.

Some of the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. Natural light, for example, can bring life to the kitchen; highlighting your chosen paint scheme. As you finish your project remember to keep appliances, devices, and decor organized. Organization, particularly on worktops, can give the kitchen a meaningful look. And do not forget accentuation. You never can tell what a small decal, painting, throw rug or plant might do for the overall look.

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