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Bathroom remodel in New Castle


Bathroom remodel in New Castle

Bathroom Remodeling

A modern bath can enhance your living space and reduce the clutter of cabinet after cabinet with no rhyme or reason. Bathroom remodels are an excellent way to create space, save on plumbing, electrical, and sewage costs and make a cohesive design statement.

A remodel is as much about visual appeal as it is about functionality. The smallest remodel can include a new floor, tile, and a different bath. Remodeling the bathroom within your original plan is best if the layout of the existing space allows you to make the changes.


Tilling is an important aspect of any bathroom and a great place to start your bathroom refacing project. If some of your tiles are loose or if you would like to add texture to your existing space, simply lay down new tiles and begin your remodeling.

These tiles can be as large or small as you like and will only take up a small portion of the entire space. Consider adding a border around the edges of your tiling to add more detail and dimension.

Some of the most recommended colors for bathroom refacing are gaudy colors like bright pinks and greens. The bolder the color, the better your bathroom will look. You should consider what your bathroom will get used for. If it is a place where many guests come and go, you may want to skip on the pink tiling and stick with a neutral color such as white or black.

For the perfect remodel services contact Pro Construction Solution. They are a reputable company and have plenty of experience providing these services to homeowners in Yuba City.


Every now and then, a need arises where you have to change the size of your bath. Perhaps you will have to add an extension or a new shower room. These are very common situations that arise throughout the course of life.

Before you start ripping out your current bathroom and getting excited about what is about to happen, it is important that you find an experienced contractor for this service.

At times, a full bathroom remodel could be more convenient than going through the re-do of simple bathroom elements because your new room would have a slate floor, different tiles, and maybe even an entirely new shower or bathtub. On top of that, you would also have new foliage and fixtures around the room.

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