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Kitchen Countertops


Are you looking for a kitchen countertop replacement service near me? In Sacramento, Pro Construction Solution Inc. can assist you with your kitchen countertop needs, from repairs to renovations. Choosing the perfect kitchen countertop can be challenging since it’s a costly portion during kitchen remodel. As you select a suitable surface for the counter, you must look beyond the popularity and cost-effectiveness.

Since countertops determine your kitchen’s tome, you must choose materials that align with how you use the kitchen and reflect your style.

What Are the Most Popular Countertop Materials

What Are the Most Popular Countertop Materials?


Granite slabs are popular for kitchen countertops, and when installed by a professional, they may last forever. The thickness of a granite slab determines how heavy it will be and also contributes to durability. Granite has different pieces, which makes the countertop unique. On the other hand, granite might be an expensive option if you plan on kitchen countertop renovation.


Quartz countertop materials are engineered stone products ideal for kitchen countertops. Most quartz counters are treated with antibacterial agents to make them safe for kitchens. If you are looking for beautiful and appealing countertops, quartz is an excellent option as the quartz crystals give them a beautiful finish. Moreover, there are numerous colors and styles to choose from for a perfect design, and the materials are more durable and can’t be easily scratched.


Although marble has several limitations, it provides a unique appearance, and because of its veined patterns, the material is visually appealing. However, marble can be relatively soft and porous and must be sealed if you consider it for your kitchen countertop repair project. Many people prefer marble because of its uniqueness. If you are worried about its softness and porosity, you might want to go for granite or quartz as they are better choices for house renovations.

Are There Any Other Options for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Apart from granite, marble, and quartz, there are numerous other options. The most common include laminate, poured concrete, butcher block, tile, soapstone, solid surface material, slate, and recycled glass slab. Deciding the type of kitchen countertop that suits your need involves considering the cost, maintenance, flexibility, and durability. Some materials are more affordable than others, and some other newer alternatives like poured concrete and engineered stone can cost a little more. The company you choose for the kitchen countertop remodel will discuss the available materials to help you make an informed decision.

Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

Before the installation of countertops, know what you are signing up for. Apart from choosing a suitable material for your interior design, you want to take proper precautions to prevent scratching and intense heat exposure on your surface. Although a contractor can quickly fix the scratches, you will pay more for services you could avoid.

The cleaning method for your countertops depends on the materials used. How you clean a wooden surface is different from how you would clean a marble or granite surface. Before making a purchasing decision, ask the seller for cleaning tips, so your kitchen countertops can serve you longer.

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