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Bathroom remodel in Vacaville



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Bathroom installations are a great way of spicing up your bathroom. When it comes to remodeling with these new installations, you need to think about what design will give your room the best feel while also giving you the most functional space possible.

One critical installation to think about is the shower. There are numerous shower design options to create a stunning and functional space. You can install a traditional showerhead, a rain shower head, or a waterfall shower head.

Shower glass doors are another great installation. They allow you to create an inviting space in your bathroom.

The toilet seat is another installation for your bathroom that is big on function but not necessarily big on luxury. Toilets are quite heavy and can make a significant impact on the room. There are different types of marble finishes that look nice and can give your bathroom the look you want.

Pro Construction Solution is a reputable company that offers several services like toilet installations and even full bathroom remodel packages in Vacaville city. They have the knowledge, supplies, and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

This is the best place to start your next bathroom remodeling project.


Fixtures are the finishing touches on any room. This is where you choose from faucets, lighting, and all the other little details that bring a room together. As with other remodel jobs, bathrooms are no different.

The fixtures you choose can make or break your bathroom. When going for a bathroom remodel, you need to ensure that the fixtures you select are beautiful, functional, and well constructed. Towel bars, shelves, and all the little things that need to be installed into your bathroom during a remodel can help complete the look you want. You want to make sure you choose a high-quality stainless steel model for the towel bar. Get a professional contractor to ensure you get the job done right.

As for the lights, go for energy-efficient ones that provide the right amount of lighting for the room. Some of the most recommended bathroom lighting fixtures include:

  • A floor lamp above your toilet.
  • A bathroom vanity that has a task light on it.
  • Recessed, flush-mounted lights are also good for bathrooms since they don’t take up wall space.
  • A light fixture over your whirlpool tub.
  • A track lighting in the ceiling.
  • A light in the bathroom mirror.
  • A nightlight for the bathroom.
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