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How to Redo a Bathroom in the Best Way


Any Sacramento resident can find it daunting to renovate a bathroom. Often due to poor planning, the smallest space in the home ends up being the most expensive project. Fortunately, there are basic steps to organize and complete a bathroom renovation.

Refinishing First

Try Refinishing First

Sometimes, a refinish job is all that is needed to make a bathroom look nice. A good cleaning and resurfacing of sinks, bathtubs, showers, and/or basins can make the space appear brand new. It is cheaper than redoing a whole bathroom and takes less time. Consider this option if plumbing, electrical or carpentry work is not required.

Good Preparation is Key

As with all DIY projects, the goal is to keep within budget. Good bathroom remodeling ideas start with establishing a plan and schedule of all work. Another good idea is to have an itemized list of all the materials and equipment that need to be purchased, prior to beginning the work.

Where needed, get help with planning. A professional designer can teach you how to:

  • Determine if you need a bathtub, shower, or combo.
  • Determine how many sinks can fit and the plumbing job required for it.
  • Decide what amenities can make the bathroom comfortable.
  • Detect any other possible plumbing, electrical, or carpentry issues.

Lights and Ventilation

Planning a bathroom renovation on a budget seriously considers what type of lighting is best and how to ventilate the room. One popular update is the simple use of LED, screw- in lightbulbs. They emit little to no heat, thus helping to keep the room cooler. This lower wattage output saves on electrical costs. Interestingly, they also tend to be brighter than the standard light bulb.

Ventilation is necessary for two main reasons. First, it helps prevent mold and mildew growth. Second, it prevents mirrors from getting foggy, especially when hot water is in use. In short, ventilation keeps moisture to a minimum. Updating a bathroom should include adding or repairing/replacing it.

Creative Design and other Updates

Don’t forget to take liberty with creative design and when making non-essential updates. As long as the budget allows, minor changes (such as new faucets and door knobs) should be considered. Small additions like this can make a bathroom renovation standout.

Homeowners with master bathrooms benefit greatly from this mindset. Master bathroom remodeling ideas generally match the overall decor of the suite. But the addition of accents like a vintage wash basin or a personalized towel rack can make the whole project more pleasing to the eye.

Final Considerations

The primary mission is to give the bathroom the “personality” you want while saving money. Plenty of research, planning and observation throughout the project will occur to achieve the end goal. It is good to keep your mind open to changes. However, adhering to a drawn out plan until the end is the best way to save money.


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