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Bathroom remodel in Winters


Bathroom remodel in Winters

Bathroom Fixtures

The type of installations you fit in your bathroom greatly defines you and your guests’ impression of the room. It’s not only about the size and quality of the fixtures but how well it flows with the rest of your home.

You can achieve different styles and themes by planning your fixtures. The fixtures you choose for your bathroom can be a centerpiece of a cohesive design scheme. With the right style, you can blend classic and modern elements to create an attractive space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Choose chrome fixtures with stainless steel accents for a modern, classy look. Opt for fixtures with ornate gold or copper accents for classic elegance.

In either case, your fixtures can effortlessly complement the decor of the rest of your home. If the space is noticeably brighter or darker than your other spaces, you may want to adjust the lights to fit in better.

Once you’ve settled on a color scheme and theme but aren’t yet ready to install everything yourself, turn to an experienced contractor for assistance. Pro Construction Solution is an experienced bathroom remodeling company with expansive experience offering a wide range of remodel services and solutions.

We can assist in selecting the classiest fixtures, coordinating existing fixtures and lights, and installing new bathroom accouterments. We offer exceptional customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Bathroom Installations

If some of your existing installations are not top shape, you may need a bathroom remodel. Install matching vanity tops, sink basins, and faucets to create harmony throughout the room is a great idea. If your current lighting is insufficient, consider replacing it with fixtures that mimic your remodeled style.

Within a remodel, you’ll want to consider any necessary upgrades to help enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. These may include adding medicine cabinets and new toilet designs.

Some great sink basin options include frame-less and tempered glass sinks. For a modern, clean look, choose stainless steel sinks. These sinks can feature a variety of sink bowls to mix and match depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

If you have an old toilet that is not working correctly, consider replacing it with an elongated toilet. This type can get easily matched with any bathroom style. Some other great toilet options include pedestal and tankless toilets. A pedestal toilet is particularly popular because it can be kept open when not being used, reducing the amount of space required.

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