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Bathroom remodel in Rancho Murieta


Bathroom remodel in Rancho Murieta

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel has many different aspects. It is important to identify which improvements you want in your bathroom and to determine if the proposed changes are feasible in your home.

Some of the core areas of improvement you might consider are installing new faucets, bathroom accessories, fixtures and replacing or upgrading mirrors.

When replacing your fixtures, the most cost-effective option is buying a new shower and basin combination that is stylish and functional. However, you can only use the shower attachment with a plumbed-in bath.

If you want to modernize your bathroom and create a fresh image, then look no further than bathroom accessories. Enhance your overall look with bathroom accessories from wall shelves in chrome to glossy black towel rails. These accessories come in many different shapes and sizes so that you can shop for the perfect one to suit your needs.

Other great accessories you could add to your bathroom are extended towel racks, toilet brush holders, toilet roll reels, tissue boxes, and soap dispensers. Each of which will add style and sophistication to your bathroom. Settle for colors that complement your existing decor.

To get the job done right and save money, you are advised to hire a qualified and experienced contractor offering different remodel services. Pro Construction Solution is a highly rated company that you can trust.


Lighting is a crucial element of your bathroom. It enhances the look, feel, and ambiance of your bathroom. You can choose to go for recessed lighting, sconces, or wall lights.

For recessed lighting, ensure that you purchase LED lights for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For wall lights, stick to the norm of one light per room or a maximum of two if it is really large. Wall lights are most suited in bathrooms that don’t have a window or where the window is too small to allow natural sunlight in.

If your bathroom has windows, installing sconces on either side of your vanity mirrors is advisable.

The paint color has a direct correlation with the mood of your bathroom. Although it is a general rule of thumb that lighter colors give off a sense of space, you can use dark colors to create depth and make your bathroom look larger.

Choose light colors when the sightlines in your bathroom are short and dark when they are long. Ensure the paint is water-resistant, easy to clean, and can survive for many years.

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