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Kitchen Remodeling in Dixon


The kitchen is considered the most challenging space to tackle when renovating a house, especially when planning a multi-functional space. But we, the Pro Construction Solution, are ready to hold your hand through the entire renovation, including:

Structural Changes for Renovations

Structural Changes for Renovations

A part of the process which will help enlarge a small space is making some structural changes to your property. This may call for the construction of an extension or knocking through to turn some smaller areas into bigger ones.

Depending on the kind of extension and how sophisticated the design you are looking for, you will have some choice in who constructs your extension. A contractor specializing in kitchen remodel services is a popular alternative for a more forward-thinking design and idea implementation.

It is crucial to note that even a small extension can be a transformative space, allowing you to fit a dining table where the room was only a kitchen before.

Designing a New Kitchen for a Kitchen Renovation

When remodeling their kitchens, a kitchen supplier is a go-to solution for most people. However, approaching an expert kitchen company with your ideas will typically come up with multiple designs for you to look at, pegged on the dimensions of your space and needs.

How to Make a Kitchen Renovation Brief

To come up with your dream kitchen, you will need a concise listing of all your needs. Begin with the fundamentals:

  • Each kitchen demands a cooker, fridge, and sink. Begin with these appliances, and add other pieces of equipment as you go on.
  • Evaluate what you already have – are there any exciting details that could be integrated into your new design?
  • Sufficient kitchen storage space is necessary. Base your storage needs on the household’s size, how many pieces of equipment you have, and the means of storing your food.

You will also need to consider other activities which will take place other than food preparation:

  • Will you be deploying your kitchen only as a space to store and cook, or would you like to double up as a dining room?
  • Will it also serve as an entertainment space?
  • Might you be satisfied with a breakfast bar with stools, or would you love a dining table for family gatherings?

Examine the dimensions of the space and then create a wish list.

How to Remove an Old Kitchen

The more careful you are when getting rid of the old kitchen, the simpler it will be to install a new one. Removing the existing kitchen is the first step of fitting a kitchen, but before ripping out the units, know that some appliances are worth retrieving. If the kitchen remodels are being conducted on a budget, it is worth looking at your unit carcasses’ condition. You might find that some of the carcasses are usable when you replace the kitchen door.

Order of Works to Renovate a Kitchen

  • Get rid of wall units
  • Remove base units and countertops
  • Do away with flooring
  • First, fix electrics
  • Redirect plumbing
  • Mount new flooring
  • Mount wall units
  • Install base units
  • Second fix electrics
  • Mount countertops
  • Fit faucets
  • Install appliances
  • Mount extractor fan
  • Tile and decorate

Small Kitchen Renovations

If the space at your disposal is small, consider whether specific functions, such as whether it is necessary to knock down internal walls to create an open plan kitchen or living area to bring about a greater sense of space.

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